Unique Strengths

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It is amazing to me how many people I talk to, that truly believe that they have nothing unique about them.  They look at the world and believe the falsity that everyone thinks as they do.  Being a coach and getting to know just how different people look at the world, I can absolutely say that people are indeed different, very different.  We all may see the same images, understand the underlying messages of our culture, have similar challenges (finding a job, raising a family, paying the bills) but how we go about doing these things differs depending on your natural tendencies of how you look at life.  Someone who is a people person is going to find a job differently than a person who is naturally more introverted, for example.  Both have strengths and both are different.  I encourage you to take a look at your strengths. Own what you are good at, because I promise not everyone has that unique perspective.