Activities for Growth

Sun is so wonderful.  It is the process of turning towards the truth.  It is natural, it is not forced.  It comes from the desire to know, feel, and turn towards the sun.  It is different for every person.  Whatever turns you towards creation and freedom, it is part of growing in our strengths.

I work at The University of Texas at Austin and right behind the building I work in, is a turtle pond.  It’s the coolest thing.  Probably around 50-75 turtles live there.  Old ones, young ones, little baby ones that are so cute you want to pick them up and put them in your pocket.  When the sun is out these turtles get on top of each other, on top of rocks or land and reach their necks up towards the sun.  They reach as long as their necks can go up towards the direction of the sun.  Not just towards the sky, towards the location of the sun depending on the time of day.  They position themselves to receive the sunlight.  It’s beautiful to see and when walking by on my lunch break, I wish I was able to stop and turn my neck up as far as possible to get a taste of sunlight.  To bask in the sun and soak up as much of that goodness as I can.  I read an article recently that said turtles do this because they cannot generate enough warmth from themselves to get warm.  In a similar way, we cannot generate peace, patience, and kindness on our own.  We need to bask in the sunlight.  We need to learn to stick our necks out as far as possible, to receive what we cannot get on our own.

Taking a look at what your strengths are, what do you like doing?  How can we encourage, support, and gain experience or knowledge in order to use our gifts in the best way possible?  When we think on these ways, it will bring us more soul satisfaction because these are the ways God designed us to operate.  When we use them, we will begin to feel more fulfilled.

What do you do, spiritually, that helps you absorb God?  Writing, painting, serving, contemplative thought?  Learning, playing music, talking with friends?  What kind of knowledge do we need to get there?  We will formulate an action plan to help get more of the sun on our strengths.  Turning towards the sun are spiritual activities that help us connect, and keep connecting, to the source of life.