Necessary Dirt

Header Image DirtThere are three elements to true change.  One is the dirt.  We need the dirt.  This is the least talked about, least brought up, and paid the least attention to in Christianity today. We all have dirt.  And we all need a 12 step process.  The dirt is the messes we get into.  The mess reveals the need for something or someone bigger than ourselves to restore a sense of order in the world.  It literally takes crap to grow something beautiful.  And this is fundamental to a truly spiritual experience.  One cannot come to understand the depths of grace without suffering.  Suffering is part of life.  The crap we have to walk through, the crap we get ourselves in; is the fertile ground to glorify Life itself.  The mess shows us humility.  So lets get real.  What is your dirt?

The dirt is also where all our natural tendencies are hidden.  I’m not talking about the external dirt.  I’m talking about the fertile ground, the natural talents, the unique way we look at the world.  In my coaching we will take a look at your natural strengths through different assessments available.  It’s not about pegging people into a hole, but more about self exploration, acceptance, and finding a way to productively use the talents that God has given us.

This experience is round, it’s not linear.

It is not about getting to a plateau.  It’s not a formula.  It’s not a destination.  Otherwise, you run the risk of people jumping through hoops, being inauthentic, and doing things for the absolute wrong reasons – mainly to get somewhere ‘on top’, the 3rd stage, the highest point – which easily lends itself to pride.  And when we look at spiritual growth in the same light we miss the mark.  Strength is not about getting to a place of superiority, each of us is where we are supposed to be, directly in the perfect time and plan.  If we are in a season of doubt, rebellion, denial, confusion, or grace, even after years of disciplined study, we are there for a divine lesson or reason.  To suggest that this is a less desirable stage, or a less spiritual place deeply misses the path, freedom, and mystery of God.  Examples of ‘professional’ spiritual leaders that struggle in seasons of doubt and unbelief include, Job, Moses, and Jesus.