Rejecting What is Yours


The saying ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ may be out of style, but the concept is alive and well in modern family life. We want the cute up-to-date house, in the good school district (which means good education without the snobbish attitude that usually accompanies wealth), the summer vacation houses, and the nice clothes. Plus, we not only want well-behaved kids like in the 50s, we care deeply about their emotional well-being as well. We want well educated kids, that have loving family experiences, and the ability to make sound decisions at age 8. Here’s the deal though; how do you have the ability to make good decisions if you are never allowed (and be accepted) when you make wrong ones? There’s no difference between keeping up with the jones’s in the 50s and being able to ‘do it all’ now. If anything, there’s more pressure to do and be and have than ever before. The other complexity to modern life, is that we want it NOW. With everything else seemingly instant, waiting and being patient to grow wealth is a foreign concept. I wonder what the next generation will compare because the real name for it all is: envy.

The lesson? Look around at what you do have? What do you like about your house? Your family? Don’t look at others, that’s none of your business. Wanting what others have is rejecting what is yours. Being grateful is a mental workout (at least for me). It is easier to envy. It takes acceptance and trust and faith to receive the goodness in your own life. The moments we can’t capture and post on Facebook. But when you really stop and look, how can you really reject what is?