Missing the Point


Forcing kids to submit, judging others in behaviors you do yourself, self promotion, and human cruelty is like fire liquid of pain and tragedy that God is carving to fulfill with infinite love. I say that because I believe it to be true in my own life. But it feels so wrong. It feels like we have missed the point. And we have. For what reason? People who don’t live in authenticity hurt others whether conscious or not. When we are not our real selves, it causes pain and suffering and also reliance on God. To be logically sound I feel like what happens at a micro level happens at a macro level. Like spirituals laws. Like physical laws. If pain produces in me more authenticity, then pain in the world is ultimately pointing to a loving God. It seems as though this is a spiritual law or law in general. One cannot know light until you know darkness. And one cannot understand Grace until one knows Sin. The ‘good news’ is that Grace is more, it’s deeper, it’s freedom. I know this on the microcosm of my small insignificant life; however, I dream of it on this macro level of human pain. What if God intends to go deeper than the cruelty of human trafficking? Human poverty? It feels nonsensical because we can’t imagine a world like that. And then the next reaction is why? Today I’m mad that it seems as though there are more dead people walking than people living in reality. This disease produces the pain. But if everything is planned for that bigger Grace, it is as it should be.